Bridging the ESG Financing gap via holistic ESG data and FinTech tools

ESGpedia is the central data pillar underpinning the financial sector. Providing holistic and forward-looking ESG data with over 173,000 certificates, ESGpedia comes with the necessary fintech tools to truly bring forward the future of Sustainable Finance for banks, asset managers, and companies of all sizes.

To enhance trust in ESG Finance, the gap between Data Users and Providers needs to be bridged not just with better data, but also fintech tools.


Macro View
Explore a macro view of all certifications covering assets and companies, with breakdown on geographical distribution and industry sectors
Easy Benchmarking
Obtain a quick view of Top Companies with the most certified assets within each sector and region
Sector Breakdown
Access data across building and construction, agriculture, carbon credits, palm oil, renewable energy, transportation and logistics, maritime, hospitality, textile, and manufacturing on a common, standardized registry
Download Data
Download raw data in your preferred format(s) for integration in your own financial and risk analysis models
Anonymous Benchmarking (coming soon)

Benchmark your company against the industry to know how you are performing

Companies Module

Company Sustainability Profiles

Search for companies to access their certifications, data disclosures, and ongoing KPI data in any industry sector, down to the individual asset or subsidiary level

Data Disclosure Segment

Access data disclosures under any company, including CDP scores, LowCarbonSG, and ERQ credentials, if any

Sustainability Reports

Access a consolidation of existing sustainability reports under any company, including SASB and TCFD sustainability reports

Ongoing KPI Data
Access your portfolio company’s ongoing data, which are private data disclosures of ongoing KPI data, typically covering GHG emissions. As these are private and behind a data consent mechanism, you will be led to our ESG Data Vault
Access any company’s full list of certifications, across different industries and geographies, with validity period and further details

ESG Certificate Finder

Search Global Standards
Explore suite of ESG global standards. Filter by standard(s), sector(s) and/ or company for full list of relevant certificates, including their details (e.g. certificate issuer, certificate ID, certificate type, asset, etc.), validity, and more
12 Standards Integrated and Growing

LEED, BCA, Gold Standard, Verra, ISCC, RSPO, SGBC, and more

ESG Data Vault

Ongoing KPI Data
Access ongoing ESG data inputs from companies. These may be self-disclosed or via integration with IoT, remote sensing AI, drone data, satellite, etc.
Data Consent Management
All data in the Data Vault are private data available for sharing only with authorised counterparties via Data Consent Management

Carbon Credits Dashboard

Industry-Recognised Carbon Credit Registries
Access data from industry-recognised carbon credit registries, including Verra and Gold Standard, on a common, standardized registry
Attributes Breakdown
Access various attributes of the carbon credits, including quantity, project type, geography, availability, vintage, etc.
Issuance and Retirement View
Access breakdown of carbon credits issued and retired
Line-by-Line Transaction Record and Retirement Beneficiary (available by Q4 2022)

Achieve greater transparency and traceability of Carbon Credits from generation to fractionalisation to retirement

Digital Tools for Effective ESG Finance

Portfolio Tracking, with Ongoing KPI Monitoring
Let us take over the manual and labour-intensive activities required for ongoing monitoring and lifecycle management of ESG Financial Products
Digitalisation of ESG Financial Products
Digitalise your ESG portfolio with smart contracts, including Green and Sustainability-linked loans and bonds, investments, funds, REITS, insurance products, carbon credits, and more
Transparency and Traceability, quelling fear of Greenwashing
Ensure transparency and traceability of ESG financial products lifecycle. Prevent occurrence of double-counting of carbon credits by automatically retiring carbon credits upon usage via pre-programmed smart contracts
Automatic Notifications upon Threshold Breach
Set up notification(s) to inform when ESG thresholds have been breached e.g. certificate expiry, disclosure expiry
Immutability and Auditability
Data is immutably recorded on the digital ledger, with full audit trail
Ease of Access
Achieve ease of access by all users in the bank or corporate, regardless of geographical locations and jurisdictions, allowing scalability

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