Data-Driven Sustainability for Asia

ESGpedia is your one-stop registry of ESG data and solutions for financial institutions, corporates, and SMEs, to enable multiple sectors across Asia towards Net Zero and decarbonisation financing

Project Greenprint

STACS’s powers the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Greenprint ESG Registry

Asia’s Leading ESG Solution

Aggregated & harmonised ESG data and digital tools to enable your net-zero journey. Integrated with a robust ecosystem of partners.

5 million

Sustainability Data Points


ESG Certificates
(& growing)


ESG Credentials (& growing)


companies’ sustainability data


company profiles with full corporate data overlaid and standardized

Core Features

Holistic and Forward-Looking ESG Data

Data Disclosures, Ongoing Project Data,
ESG Certifications

Ongoing Monitoring

A micro and macro view of corporates
sustainability progress

Data Mapping

Guiding corporates towards compliance with
ESG reporting standards and frameworks


Availability of high quality, robust forward-looking data to facilitate ongoing oversight


Empowers corporates of any sizes to tap on ourecosystem to quickly embark on their green journey


Enables one-stop access to holistic ESG data
to effectively facilitate financing decision

About ESGpedia

The ESG Registry in partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Project Greenprint. Achieve holistic and forward-looking ESG certifications and data of various industry sectors and verified sources via a single registry, and enhance the mobilisation of ESG capital.


Be in control – Simple and Readily Available

Data Providers

Transport &
Logistic Sector
Building &
Construction Sector
Food &
Agriculture Sector
Any Other
ESG Financial Services

Ongoing high-quality ESG data

Data Users

Financial InstitutionsFor issuance and monitoring of
Green and Sustainability-Linked
Loans or Bonds
Asset Managers/
For monitoring of investees in
Funds, Private Equities, REITS

For underwriting in
RECs & Carbon Credit
For the support of data-backed
RECs & Carbon Credits

ESBN Asia-Pacific
Green Deal for Businesses

Discover the free digitalised and simplified ESG self-assessment
for corporates and SMEs today.

Step-by-step tutorial guide available

ESG Data and Certifications for companies
from various sectors and global verified sources

Banks, Investors, Asset Managers, Insurers, RECs & Carbon Credit Exchanges

Transparency and Traceability Achieve 360-view on your ESG investments to prevent greenwashing
Unparalleled Data-driven DecisionsEngaged in well-informed and inclusive
ESG financing and investment decisions
Automated Lifecycle ManagementUse of smart contracts allows automated lifecycle
management of ESG financial products
Ongoing MonitoringEffective and automated perpetual monitoring
Strategic OpportunitiesPotential new business opportunities
End-to-end Scope of ServicesRegistry of independent ESG data across industries
and digitally-empowered ESG Financial Products
AccessibilityGreater ease of access to sustainable financial services and lower financing rates
Unparalleled Data-driven DecisionsEnhanced competitive edge and cost-savings with more accurate data-driven green strategies
Automated Lifecycle ManagementUse of smart contracts allows automated lifecycle management of ESG financial products
InclusivityLevel the playing field for especially for corporates without an ESG team by making it easier for them to do ESG reporting, access sustainable financial services and connect with various FIs.
ComplianceAbility to generate industry compliant impact reporting for your customers, investors and public
Profit-generatingIncrease profits while going green: Access and generate secondary stream of income from carbon credit/ RECs

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