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ESGpedia Nexus enables businesses and SMEs to easily calculate and report their Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions, in accordance with international standards and localised to Asia Pacific region.

Carbon calculator built in accordance with GHG Protocol and ISO14064

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Scope 1: Mobile Asset Fuel Consumption

Guidance Notes:

Scope 1 covers direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by your organization. In this sample carbon calculator, the example focuses on emissions from the combustion of fuel in mobile assets such as company vehicles, machinery, and other mobile equipment. By providing the amount of fuel consumed by these assets, the associated emissions can be calculated.
0kg CO2e / litre
Scope 2: Electricity Consumption

Guidance Notes:

Scope 2 includes indirect GHG emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling. In this sample carbon calculator, the example focuses on electricity consumption (usually the primary component of Scope 2 emissions). All electricity used in their operations, including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and other infrastructure need to be accounted for.
0kg CO2e / kWh
Scope 3: Business Travel

Guidance Notes:

Scope 3 encompasses all other indirect GHG emissions that occur in the value chain of the reporting company, including both upstream and downstream emissions. The full calculator includes product emissions, covering >1000 product categories. In this sample carbon calculator, the example focuses on business travel which includes emissions from the transportation of employees for business-related activities in vehicles owned or operated by third parties, such as aircraft, trains, buses, and passenger cars (excluding commute to and from work). Corresponding travel details need to be reported to calculate the associated emissions.
0kg CO2e
*The above carbon calculator is a sample and does not represent our full coverage.

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Built for credibility and accuracy, validated under ISO14064

Ensure data accuracy and integrity with our ISO14064-validated carbon calculator, built in accordance with the GHG Protocol, with an extensive base of >200,000 emission factors hyper-localised to all APAC countries, covering >1000 product categories. Mapping every part of the value chain and product life cycle. Supports various Scope 3 calculation methods, including transaction-based and life cycle approach.

Generate actionable insights with AI-powered recommendations

All-in-one dashboard to manage your assets’ and suppliers’ ESG data, with aggregated and drill-down visualisations. AI-powered recommendations to meet regulatory requirements on offsets and ESG goals.

Actively engage with suppliers who contribute to your emissions

Streamline end-to-end processes and actively engage suppliers from data collection, monitoring, to analysing and taking action. Set targets for submitting corporates, track progress, and manage suppliers’ data easily with automatic reminders on missing data.

Simplify sustainability reporting

Generate an automated emissions report with key emissions summary and insights. Streamline sustainability reporting in accordance with international standards (e.g. ISSB, GRI, etc.) and auto-fill of existing emissions information.

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Ghim Li

– Felicia Gan, CEO
ESGpedia helps to simplify the ESG reporting process and allows for an automatic calculation of GHG emissions to provide Ghim Li with greater insights into our current ESG profile, putting us on the same playing field as other industries so that banks have consistent data across a variety of industries and can measure our Sustainability Performance Targets in Ghim Li’s Sustainability Linked Loan with OCBC.


– Linus Goh, Head of Global Commercial Banking
Digitalisation is a critical enabler for businesses in their pursuit of sustainability. We are glad to partner Ghim Li in this Sustainability Linked Loan, working with STACS to leverage the digital solutions on ESGpedia to make it easier to track and measure operational and emissions-related data for sustainability reporting. We believe the shift towards sustainability by SMEs and corporates will accelerate with the increased availability of digital and data-driven tools to support the transition and financing of their businesses.

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