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ESGpedia registry ensures suppliers hold accredited ISO certifications, helping companies manage global supply chain sustainability

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SINGAPORE, 6 July 2023 – Asia’s leading environmental, social, and governance (‘ESG’) data and technology solutions company, STACS, today announced that its platform ESGpedia can help corporates manage supply chain sustainability by ensuring that suppliers hold accredited ISO certifications. The latest progress involves collaboration with International Accreditation Forum’s (‘IAF’) global certificate database IAF CertSearch and Quality Trade.

Global leader in solar innovation and channels, Maxeon Solar Technologies (‘Maxeon’), is onboard as a corporate representative in the live use case, and is making further progress in its supplier sustainability monitoring using ESGpedia.

Maxeon first commenced utilising holistic data and digital solutions on STACS’s ESGpedia to monitor the sustainability performance of suppliers in Maxeon’s end-to-end supply chain last October 2022.

In the latest development, ESGpedia platform enables Maxeon to ensure that suppliers within its supply chain meet Maxeon’s corporate sustainability requirements of being ISO-compliant.

A company’s supply chain accounts for majority of its scope 3 emissions. With rising regulatory, consumer, and investor scrutiny, companies like Maxeon have implemented corporate sustainability measures to manage its supply chain sustainability and decarbonise – and this is where monitoring comes in place to ensure the success of these initiatives.

Lindsey Wiedmann, Chief Legal & Sustainability Officer at Maxeon, said: “As part of our company’s purpose of Powering Positive Change™, Maxeon screens suppliers carefully and requires them to be ISO-certified. The goal of our partnership with ESGpedia by STACS is to achieve a one-stop holistic view of all relevant ISO certificates of current suppliers in one portfolio on a single data registry.”

In the latest collaboration, ESGpedia connects directly with IAF CertSearch, powered by Quality Trade, to retrieve valid accredited ISO certificates. Validity of certificates is dependent on numerous factors such as expiry or any updates in the company’s sustainability commitment.

Established by the IAF, IAF CertSearch is a global database of 900,000+ verified and accredited ISO Certificates obtained from various accreditation and certification bodies. ESGpedia then harmonises the ISO certificates data into standardized company ESG profiles, and organises Maxeon’s current suppliers’ ESG profiles into a single portfolio for ease of verification and monitoring by Maxeon. Based on various factors, Maxeon is also able to gain full transparency of which suppliers across their entire supply chain hold valid accredited certifications and be alerted when there is a change to the status of any certification, helping Maxeon manage supply chain risk.  

Sharon Yuen, Chief Commercial Officer at STACS, said: “With ESGpedia, we support corporates’ net zero journey and help them manage their supply chain sustainability and scope 3 emissions, to stay ahead of regulations, future-proof, and strengthen their competitive edge. A digital solution is especially key for companies like Maxeon with more complex supply chains and regional suppliers. We are therefore delighted to be collaborating with International Accreditation Forum and Quality Trade, and furthering our partnership with corporates like Maxeon through ESGpedia, to help them ensure the overall green-ness of their supply chains.”

Emanuele Riva, Chair at International Accreditation Forum, said: “The IAF CertSearch database helps businesses, asset owners and regulators know exactly which organisations in their supply chains, portfolios and networks hold valid accredited certifications.”

Rajesh Maheshwari, IAF Database Management Committee Chair, said “There has never been a more important time to know your suppliers, customers, and investees meet international standards, particularly in the area of ESG. The database quells fears of greenwashing as it records and provides transparency of the validity of certifications.”

Nigel Johnston, Chief Executive Officer at Quality Trade, said: “Businesses, asset owners and regulators require swift and reliable exchange of information to operate in today’s digital environment. We look forward to working with STACS to ensure valid accredited certification information can be aggregated and easily accessed on ESGpedia, helping organisation such as Maxeon to achieve their sustainability goals.”

Earlier this year in May (23 May 2023), the latest ESGpedia platform version was launched at its one-year milestone since its deployment in May 2022, with greater data coverage, solutions and analytics, and the ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (‘ESBN’) Asia-Pacific Green Deal for Businesses digital assessment.

Available at no cost on ESGpedia, the digitalised and simplified self-assessment tool is designed to lower the barriers to entry for corporates and SMEs to kickstart their sustainability journey through a form of an easy and guided program towards sustainability, and to report metrics that are aligned with stakeholders’ needs for consistent, comparable, and shareable data.

This helps suppliers who have yet embarked on sustainability or any certifications to start easily with a simplified and guided program, to attain their ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal badge to showcase their sustainability commitment to corporates like Maxeon.

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STACS (Hashstacs Pte Ltd) is Asia’s leading ESG data and technology company, headquartered in Singapore. Its ESGpedia platform powers the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Greenprint ESG Registry and ASEAN Single Accesspoint for ESG Data (SAFE) Initiative. ESGpedia serves as the Nexus of ESG Finance with ESG data across multiple industries, as well as digital solutions for the financial sector to scale decarbonisation financing, and corporates and SMEs to attain their ESG goals. Empowering industries across Asia towards Net Zero, its clients and partners include global financial institutions, corporates, and SMEs. For more information, please visit


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