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Suitable for all sustainability levels from entry, intermediate to expert level. Join over 299,000 companies to showcase your commitment to sustainability and greenify ASEAN one data at a time.

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Dr George Lam, Chair of ESCAP Sustainable
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Digital Corporate/SME Assessment Tool

Start or complement your sustainability journey with a wide range of globally recognised ESG Corporate Disclosure platforms on ESGpedia ​
  • Sign up to attain your free Green, Silver, or Gold ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal Badge with the digitalised and simplified ESG self-assessment to easily kickstart your sustainability journey​
  • Complete other ESG assessments catered to early sustainability adopters from multiple frameworks such as CDP, GRI, TCFD, SASB, ISSB, to derive key metrices Suggestion: Streamline your ESG reporting process with international ESG Frameworks – such as TCFD, GRI., SASB, IFRS S1 and S2, digitalized in the platform

Supplier Sustainability Monitoring

Search and monitor all your suppliers’ company profiles by creating a digital portfolio on ESGpedia, with a one-stop overview of all your suppliers sustainability progress.
  • Track and request ESG certification data points from suppliers, such as CDP score and more​
  • Verify ESG certification and credentials in multiple industry standards at product/asset level
  • Better tracking and analysis of suppliers’ sustainability commitment to quell greenwashing fears
  • Improve management of ESG financial products, enhance trust, and potentially enable the mobilisation of ESG capital for businesses

Green Merchant Services

Gain access to carbon accounting services with our strong ecosystem of partners.
  • Carbon calculation – Product SKU Carbon Calculation and Company level
  • Carbon-neutral checkout services
  • Green micro-finance and payments
  • Live data and tracking of Fractionalised Carbon Credits purchased by consumers using Razer’s Restorify

Fractional Carbon Offset

Live data and tracking of Fractionalised Carbon Credits on ESGpedia. The Carbon Credits Dashboard is a digital management platform tracking the end-to-end carbon credit lifecycle and transactions from merchants to consumers.​
  • Full transparency with line-by-line transaction records
  • and breakdown of individual offset transactions on Restorify​

  • ​Industry-recognised Carbon Credit Registries​​
  • ​Data is refreshed daily at 00:00​

Benchmarking & Analysis

Coming soon: Compare and assess where you stand among other Corporates.
  • ​Gain sector-specific, geography-specific benchmarking and industry averages

299,000 companies have an ESG profile on ESGpedia