Access over 5 million ESG data points to empower banks, investors, insurers, and corporates. Aggregated and harmonised by proprietary Artificial Intelligence.


ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal Digital Assessment
ASEAN Single Accesspoint for ESG Data (SAFE) Initiative
MAS Project Greenprint

Overcoming Data Fragmentation & Providing a Complete Picture of Aggregated ESG Data across Countries & Sectors

Data is aggregated with ESGpedia’s
proprietary AI engine

Harmonised into single
company ESG Profiles

5 million

Sustainability Data Points


ESG Certificates
(& growing)


ESG Credentials (& growing)


companies’ sustainability data


company profiles with full corporate data overlaid and standardized

See proprietary AI engine in action

Watch how ESGpedia Intelligence effectively handles ESG data at scale, extracting GHG emissions and ESG metrics from over 100,000 sustainability reports

Global Coverage,
with a focus on Asia
Expanding scope of sectoral coverage
  • Built & Construction
  • Fashion & Textile
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Energy
  • Carbon Credits
  • Maritime
  • Manufacturing
  • ICT

Portfolio Monitoring

Effectively monitor portfolio companies, including SMEs.​

  • Streamline the screening and tracking of portfolios with automated notifications and pre-set thresholds
  • Create customised portfolios for ease of monitoring of sustainability metrics across companies for supply chain tracking or ESG financial products

ESG Credentials Bureau

Access companies’ holistic ESG profiles, with asset and product level data​.

  • Explore a complete global database of companies’ ESG profiles
  • Access the universe of ESG certificates awarded at the asset or company level
  • Filter based on country, framework, sector, segment, and validity status for ease of search and check
  • Screen and identify businesses based on their ESG profile and overview of their ESG credentials

Taxanomy Regulatory Mapping

Digital automation to transform portfolio data to regulatory needs both globally and region-specific like ESRS, ERQ, CCPT, SuRe, and more.

  • International, localised, and regulatory frameworks and taxonomies in place


Supports multiple connectivity channels including API, SFTP, and external channels, with data privacy
preserved via Data Exchange Consent


Empowering companies of varying ESG maturities with an end-to-end suite of actionable sustainability solutions