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STACS x Ngee Ann Polytechnic Partnership — with Lecturer and Ex-banker Clement Ng

Teamwork above all. This is a core value at STACS. It is truly through our many close collaborations and Teamwork with our clients, partners, and other friends-of-STACS that have brought us to where we are today, and allowed us to have learnt what we have learnt. At STACS, we are thankful for the great guidance and support throughout every step of our growth, to enable us to build a better, simpler, and sustainable infrastructure together for the financial industry.

Clement Ng, Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and ex-banking veteran joined STACS for a 3-month attachment as part of our partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Clement Ng [CN], lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (“NP”) and ex-banking veteran at Bank of New York Mellon, joined us this January for a 3-month attachment. The attachment is part of NP’s Industry Attachment Staff Scheme (IAS), which offers tremendous opportunities for companies like us to work with NP’s professional staff talent, while contributing to the shaping of Singapore’s future industry leaders.

Even though his attachment with us is temporary, the team spirit he has displayed from day 1 has been amazing. Through his daily (virtual) interactions, rotations amongst every team, and not forgetting the fortnightly meeting training series that he conducted, Clement has shared his valuable banking experiences, and given us a fresh pair of eyes in terms of viewing the capital markets and how our solutions can be further improved to better meet the industry needs.

As Clement’s attachment with us nears the end, we had a short chat with him to find out more about his story and experience here at STACS.

[STACS]: Hi Clement, can you share with us your career background and current role at Ngee Ann Polytechnic?

[CN]: Sure, my career may sound similar to others. However, I’m glad I am able to accumulate some experiences to share my career journey.

I started my first job in a German freight forwarding company. After staying for a year and a half, I moved on to work in a bank which is my original intention after my graduation from university with a BSC (Hons) in Banking & Finance. Thereafter, I spent the next ten years working in banks, starting off from banking operations to front-end client-facing before I moved on to the education sector. My last banking role was in Bank of New York Mellon, and I was with them for about 8 years. In between my career at around age 30, I realised I needed to upgrade myself, and hence, pursued a full time Masters course in Brisbane, which I’ve graduated with a MSC Applied Finance in year 2011.

My current role in Ngee Ann Polytechnic is lecturer with an appointment as Student Development (SD) Manager. I teach mainly banking operations and some related finance modules. As a SD Manager, I oversee a team of fellow colleagues. Together, we managed student events, school orientations, ceremonies and sports competitions.

[STACS]: You’ve been with STACS for almost three months now. Can you share with us how your experience has been here?

[CN]: The experience has been great. Two words — Enlighten & Impressive. I’m enlightened by all the sharings which I’ve received from fellow STACS colleagues. Be it formal training, casual sharing, meetings or even text messages, I’ve learnt almost everyday, hence ‘Enlighten’. Not just normal knowledge learning, in fact, ‘Impressed’ by everyone’s expertise. I can say everyone is focused, dive deep, apply and keen to venture further.

I’m also impressed by the culture. While STACS is a startup, its culture is one that naturally allows everyone to have a sense of belonging. For example, I can feel that everyone’s feedback is highly valued and considered.

I believe a company’s culture strongly correlates to its success. It is a key ingredient to every achievement and breakthrough. In STACS, I personally like the collaborative spirit and how the management is open to sharing as well as listening to everyone’s suggestions, with regards to even new office location, wish list of benefits, weekly bonding ideas like workouts, and more. I think one key culture I like is having an open and receptive environment.

[STACS]: As an ex-banker and having been away from the industry and in the education sector for the past few years, has the industry evolved in any way?

[CN]: The industries are changing rapidly in many areas compared to five years ago. I can say that this is the revolution time for new technologies. With new technology, it demands new skills, processes and updated regulations to set new rules in this transforming landscape. Years ago, we seldom hear about blockchain, artificial intelligence & RPA. But now, it has become imperative for the financial services industry to explore these smart functionalities and integrate them into the businesses.

Clement sharing his banking and capital markets experiences with the STACS Team during one of the three fortnightly training sessions he held here

[STACS]: What are your key takeaways from the attachment?

[CN]: I have four key takeaways, the most important being friendship. The others are as follows — management culture, blockchain knowledge & use cases, and green ecosystem with blockchain.

[STACS]: What is most memorable to you from this attachment?

[CN]: In fact, all my key takeaways are all memorable — from friendships to learning from everyone. In addition, one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had here is the opportunity to share my knowledge with the whole company, including discussing my suggestions with all departments. I am glad that I’m able to contribute in one way or another.

[STACS]: How will your experience at STACS impact your classes and teachings with students when you return to NP?

[CN]: It will impact greatly, particularly in the areas of content being taught and delivery of knowledge. Business 4.0 will be part of the key consideration in designing teaching pedagogy. As a lecturer, we have to teach updated materials in new modes of delivery so students will have the necessary skillset to future proof their career. I will share my experience at STACS with my students, in terms of knowledge, culture, working relationships, visions and future industries, and how STACS embodies many great attributes as a company in terms of being a place to learn, explore, show your talents and build important relationships in.

It was a great pleasure to have had Clement be part of the STACS team. We would like to offer a big thank you to Clement for the valuable experiences, insights, and teamwork that you have shared with everyone here. Thank you also to NP for the opportunity.


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