Terms and Conditions

Data Sharing Agreement (“Agreement”)

1. Definitions

“PDPA” means the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore. “Personal Data” shall have the meaning ascribed to the term “personal data” under the PDPA. “Personal Data Protection Laws” means any and all applicable laws relating to the protection of Personal Data, such as (without limitation) the PDPA. “Shared Data” means any data or information which is submitted or otherwise made available to STACS to be subsequently received, used, disclosed, and/or processed by parties contracted with STACS in accordance with the Agreement. Shared Data may comprise one or more “data elements”, which in turn comprises one or more “data fields”. Corporate Submitter means company or its authorised representative who has subscribed to STACS on the ESGpedia website. STACS refers to Hashstacs Pte Ltd.

2. Data Sharing Consent

Corporate Submitter consents to STACS receiving, processing and transferring in data from Corporate Submitter (by itself or with the assistance of a data intermediary or any other third-party) as specified in Clause 3 of this Agreement for the purposes described in Clause 4 of this Agreement.

3. Right to Use Information

Each Corporate Submitter providing information and data grants STACS all transferable rights concerning said information and authorizes STACS to make use of such. Information provided by visitors shall be deemed not confidential. However, if the information provided is personal data as defined by applicable law, we process said information in accordance with STACS’s Data Privacy Agreement. which applies to this Website. Pursuant to this Agreement, STACS shall be entitled to process the following types of data, which include but are not limited to: Environment, Sustainability and Governance (“ESG”) data of Corporate Submitter and other companies whom Corporate Submitter is authorised to withhold, distribute and transfer to STACS. Other forms of data that may be relevant and/or required to perform the purposes and activities in Clause 4 of this Agreement.

4. Purposes of Data Processing

Corporate Submitter agrees to provide data to STACS for the following purposes:
To provide useful information to investors, companies and governments to act on their ESG impacts and to assist companies to meet their ESG goals.
Through STACS’ ESGpedia platform, to organise and arrange data from companies globally on their business operations relating to ESG, and to allow commercial usage of the data by STACS.
To build a comprehensive database of accessible, comparable and/or self-reported ESG data that can be used to drive action by public and private entities/persons to achieve their ESG goals.
To receive marketing information (including but not limited to event invitations, offers and other publicity and marketing materials) from STACS through email.
Any other uses related to the above clauses in this section.

5. Data Sharing Period

All Personal Data (excluding any subcategories of Personal Data which are excluded from the scope of applicable Singapore Personal Data Protection Laws, such as “business contact information” as defined under the PDPA must be removed (or where such removal is not reasonably practicable, anonymised, de-identified or masked such that it cannot be referred back to any individual) from any Shared Data before the Shared Data is submitted or otherwise made available to STACS. Corporate Submitter is responsible for ensuring that it complies, at its own expense, with all applicable Singapore Personal Data Protection Laws. No party shall attempt to identify any natural person from any anonymised, de-identified or masked Personal Data included in any Shared Data.

6. Withdrawal of Consent and Termination

Either party may terminate this Agreement, or in the case of Corporate Submitter it may withdraw consent for the sharing of data, with 30 days’ written notice in advance. The withdrawal of consent as contemplated above shall be regarded as a termination of this Agreement and the 30 days advance written notice requirement shall apply. Corporate Submitter acknowledges that any termination or withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of the data before such termination or withdrawal.

7. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Singapore.